Run-in with Golds Gym manager ShowerYourNastySelf leads to record eyesight improvement

After nearly a decade of the same Golds Gym chiropractic routine for a low back condition, this author was banned out of the blue by the manager on his June renewal date.  A ban letter cited Golds Gym sole discretion to withhold the reason.  The customer service line said hygiene and Golds Gym bans were irreversible, so for exercise walking replaced driving.  More exposure to extreme distances improved distance vision, especially when walking without R:-4.0,L:-4.5 contact lenses.  The chiro saw it as discrimination, so his clean office inside the smelly gym was still accessible and the waiting room's view of the gym got used for near-far focusing exercises.  Eyes tested R:-2.25,L:-2.25 by the time an incident with the manager caused the chiro office to leave.  Days before R:-1.75,L:-1.75, ShowerYourNastySelf, who was ID'd as the Golds Gym manager and later fired, posted on's Annandale section:…

Introduction R:-4.0, L:-4.5

Stuff in this book pertaining to Golds Gym was first run by them as much as possible, to give them a chance to challenge in case they thought anything was misunderstood or unfairly characterized.

In June of 2013 the path back to better eyesight started with not these eyes but someone else's.  The Golds Gym manager silently watched the scanning in of a membership barcode one last time, while he was pushing the ban through behind the scenes.  The Golds Gym manager was a 50ish short guy, more pudgy than stocky, who used his arm as a headrest while observing his target.  At the poker table those eyes would have not gone unnoticed.

A few days later, upon arriving at that Golds Gym for the same decade-long gym routine, the membership barcode suddenly wouldn't scan in.  Staff monitoring the check-in said the gym computer showed a ban by the Golds Gym manager but didn't say why.  Asking where the manager was got a reply that he'd be in Monday. Before it came to that, Monday…

December 2013: R:-3.5, L:-4.0

It was a late Friday afternoon five days before Christmas.  The left contact lens broke with no spare pair of glasses in sight.  That meant having to go to the optometrist to get some trial lenses, only to see his office just closed for the weekend.  The vision and depth perception was a little weird with only one contact lens in.  It wasn't the first time that happened so driving like that was doable temporarily.  This was the time of year it was dark by 6pm, so fortunately a friend provided a ride.  Looking at highway traffic in the distance through the passenger side windshield felt different without the contact lens on.  The left eye without a contact lens teared up a little.

On Saturday the next day, there was no need to drive anywhere.  This made it possible to go cold turkey with no contact lenses, which made both eyes tear up.  That night "The Hobbit" was watched with family on a medium-sized TV eight feet away.  It was really blurry which required listening to t…

January 2014: R:-3.0, L:-3.0

No glasses or contact lenses meant hitching a ride to Lowes Home Improvement, but this time in the back seat.  From the middle of the back seat there was a clear view to and through the front windshield.  Being diagonally behind the two front seats forced the eyes to look through the center of the car between them, similar to how a dish towel draped over the cap blocked off the sides and forced the eyes to use the center more.  The eyes felt a pulling sensation but didn't tear up as much as before.  Riding in the middle of the back seat was a bigtime find, to that there was no doubt.

The outlines of license plate print gripped the eyes even if the print was too blurry to read.  Of course there was to be no squinting or trying to make out stuff.  Out onto the interstate highway it was, with specs of moving cars in the distance inducing more of that pulling sensation on the eyes.  Upon reaching the destination, the vision improvement was noticeable.  It wasn't as big as the visi…

February 2014: R:-3.25, L:-3.25

From the chiropractic office waiting room inside the Golds Gym, now -3 diopter eyes could see people exercising through the windows.   It was hard not to notice with how chairs in the waiting room faced the windows.  Fortunately it was challenging enough for -3 eyes to be beneficial.  The indoor lighting combined with -3 eyes made people look like headless bodies with heads of pure energy.  That was because facial features were less sharply angled and finely detailed than inanimate objects like cars and foods in grocery store aisles.  Going from -4 diopters to -3 diopters involved inanimate objects coming into focus.  It was starting to become apparent that the road from -3 to -2 would involve comparatively softer features of human beings coming into focus.

A chiropractic appointment started with plopping face down on a chiropractic table with a space for the head.  The forehead felt messaged while electrical stimulation machine current surged through the low back and upper hamstrings…

March 2014: R:-2.75, L:-3.0

There was an outdoor soccer game where the field was lower than the parking lot.  This made it possible to watch by looking over the fence surrounding the goalie box.  From that spot looking down onto the field, the ball was mostly kicked toward or away instead of left-right.  Tracking a ball kicked away into the distance was similar to tracking a car zooming away into the distance.  Interestingly it was mentioned somewhere on the internet that kids who played sports with a ball tended to have better eyesight.  Watching that outdoor soccer game turned out to be the fourth best thing after watching football on TV, viewing cars from the bridge overpass, and sitting in the middle back seat of a car.  From time to time, vision took mini-jumps like that followed by many days in a row when it didn't seem vision was improving.

There was also a park lake where lots of birds flew around, but that didn't provide as noticeable of a vision jump.  Maybe watching birds fly was too similar t…

April 2014: R:-2.5, L:-3.0

The blurs were getting less blurry.  So to keep the eyes feeling just as challenged, alternating near-far glancing from the middle back car seat was tried.  Pushing the computer monitor a full arm length away was also tried.

The top two rows of big letters on the eyechart were covered since they were no longer sufficiently blurry.  The brightness of the laptop monitor was turned down a teeny bit to make print a little less clear.  Collages of random newspaper clippings were placed to the left and right of the laptop monitor in front of the window.  That small detailed newspaper print seemed beneficial for the eyes as long as the temptation to make out the print was resisted.

One day while driving around a foresty neighborhood looking for certain houses, vision was good enough to read house numbers from the street.  Because houses were on the left and right, looking for certain houses ended up being similar to the Bates side-to-side swinging technique for natural vision improvement wit…

May 2014: R:-2.5, L:-3.0

Car trouble meant riding in the right front passenger seat of a tow truck.  That meant seeing over long lines of cars into the distance through a front windshield curved the opposite way from the driver side.  This time it felt like the left eye was being used more.  Eyes feast on new types of environments that they have little prior muscle memory for, and this was a welcome change to try to get the next vision mini-jump. The left eye was no longer hemmed in like it was while being the driver.  Did that asymmetric driving setup eventually widen the spread between the left and right eyes?  If the initial improvement from R:-4.0,L:-4.5 to R:-3.0,L:-3.0 with hardly any driving was any indication, would continued sitting in the right front passenger seat to counterbalance the more recent increase in driving eventually narrow the gap between left and right eyes?

The gap between the eyes widening again meant more right front passenger seat sitting and more near-far glancing at the expense o…

June 2014: R:-2.25, L:-3.0

Outdoor soccer season finishing up was the best time to watch night games as the nighttime temperatures were now pleasant.  The night helped watch games in a relaxed enough manner to the point of being in a slight dream state.  In that zoned out state, sometimes players' jersey numbers revealed themselves in the distance.

Not far from one of the soccer fields was a narrow walkway over the beltway that was encased by fenced walls.  While on it, one could hear the whoosh and roar of beltway traffic shooting out from underneath.  Compared to the bridge overpass, the greater speeds created more pulling sensations on the eyes.  Because the beltway was circular however, both innerloop and outerloop traffic curved slightly.  Combined with the fenced structure to look through, it was less than ideal.  That walkway overpass was a fresh new environment nonetheless which meant milking whatever small vision improvement possible there was.

One day a closet door was left open and the ends of ro…

July 2014: R:-2.5, L:-2.75

There's nothing like viewing a rocket launch not far from a bunch of potbellied ponies.  Let's just say the ponies looked extremely well fed.  The ride in the right front passenger seat was a few hours on roads that were nicely straight into the horizon.  That prolonged exposure to distance was enough to make the eyechart seem a little sharper and blacker afterwards.

Something still had to be done about that .75 diopter difference between the two eyes though.  Something more was needed to get the left eye going, more than right front passenger seats, near-far alternating glancing, and middles of long straight side streets.  Something new to work the eyes in tandem at the center of the field of vision to get the left eye to be dragged kicking and screaming to where the right eye was.  One idea was thumping the feet when walking centers of long straight side streets to make focusing more challenging for the eyes, but that didn't do much.  Another idea that hardly did anythin…

August 2014: R-2.25, L-2.75

In the beginning of the month, the mistake was made of wearing the +.5 plus lens reading glasses on the walkway overpass when looking at the ground.  Upon getting back home, the vision was off and the plus lens reading glasses no longer induced any prickly buzz sensations on the eyes.  It was like the grip or pull was gone after using the plus lens reading glasses to look at stuff a mere five feet away.  This meant going back to basics and walking in the center of long straight side streets.  After a week without plus lens reading glasses, the eyes were able to feel the prickly buzz sensations from the +.5 once again.  Lesson learned that plus lens reading glasses were for close up use only, even if some of them were originally bought for watching TV or walking around indoors.

To move the prickly buzz sensations a teeny bit more inside on the left eye, it was time to buy six PD R31.5mm,L29.0mm for +.5,+1.0,+1.5,+2.0,+2.5,+3.0 plus lenses reading glasses from ZenniOptical, which cost j…

September 2014: R-2.0, L-2.25

The mall patio had cornhole games with bean bags to toss and track in the air.  This seemed to improve vision when done in conjunction with the skyline in the distant background.  Vision improvement tended to be more likely when one was more actively engaged.

There were the far away TVs in the mall food court that aired fast-action sports with ever-changing camera angles.  It was a good place to try regularly palming the eyes for ten seconds.  The idea was to force just-opened eyes to take in a new TV image they didn't have memory of, but that didn't lead to anything significant.  An eyepatch over the better right eye was tried for five minutes every half-hour which only seemed to help the first time.  On the way back just like on the way there, the middle back seat was great.  Making sure to have the eyepatch on during bus stops when people got on the bus was the best way to avoid sharing the back seat.  The eyepatch skewed vision a little if left on too long, or if the unnat…

October 2014: R-2.25, L-2.75

Before upgrading to the -1.0 plus lens reading glasses, the left eye needed to be improved to a legitimate -2.25.  That was a unit and a half away with how the left eye seemed -2.75/-2.5.

In search of what the left eye had little muscle memory of, moving the head in figure 8s and sideways figure 8s using the eyepatch seemed worth a try.  With the eyepatch's unnaturalness, it was all the more important to keep eye activities short and to the point. That was then mixed with near-far alternating glancing.  As noticed many times with various ideas, it felt like there was some minute vision improvement at first, then not so much.

The best time for this was in the shopping store parking lot in the morning before rush hour traffic, when the eye-grabbing print from lit up store signs was in the distance.  The parking lot provided an unobstructed view both wide and deep, slightly deeper than wide with the eyes drawn to the deepest part in the center.  That's where the eyes could stare …

November 2014: R-2.25, L-2.25

Even though the left eye was worse in last month's R:-2.25,L:-2.75 exam results, closing one eye to test the other eye individually didn't tell the full story of the gap between the two eyes.  The better right eye was the same regardless if the opposite eye was closed or covered.  But with the worse left eye, whether the opposite eye was closed or covered appeared to make a difference of around a quarter-diopter.  It turned out closing the right eye to test the left eye squinted the left eye and inflated how good the left eye was.  That would explain why the left eye seemed -2.5 when the optometrist was right and it was really -2.75.  As a result of this, the opposite eye was covered instead of closed to test an eye individually from here on out.

This asymmetry of the eyes, could it be because one eye was more naturally relaxed than the other?  To make sure both eyes were optimally relaxed and as far away from a squint position as possible, dropping the jaw to walk around with…

December 2014: R-2.25, L-2.25

The right eye got a little boost from having just upgraded to the +1.0 plus lens reading glasses.  With a few +1.0s of different pupillary distances to choose from, the R:30.5mm,L:30.5mm seemed the best to start with since it was the PD the +.5 was started with eight months ago.  That PD for the +1.0 once again put the lions share of the prickly buzz sensations on the right eye since the left side PD was a smidgen too long.

With those +1.0 plus lens reading glasses, there were plenty of sports youtube videos to watch that had lots of detail and movement plus constantly changing camera angles.  A computer file search without specifying a file so that all files were brought up in spontaneous fashion, also seemed to help.  There was a lot of nice detail unfolding by just keeping the scroll key pressed down.

On the mall outdoor patio, there was an ice skating rink with people moving around with some speed.  It seemed better than watching people walk around in a mall.  Of course there was …

January 2015: R-2.0, L-2.5

Slow and steady wins the race.  This meant continuing to use the weakest plus lens reading glasses that gave the eyes a prickly buzz sensation, which was now the +1.0 glasses.  The goal was to reduce the nearsightedness in both eyes to -2.0 before upping to stronger plus lens reading glasses.  Squeezing out one more quarter-diopter of vision improvement meant continued exposure to extreme distances outdoors.  As well as creative ways to use the +1.0 glasses when using the laptop in between two collages of newspaper clippings.

The +1.0 plus lens reading glasses with one eye in addition to both eyes when typing out numbers was tried, one two three four five six, etc all the way up to one hundred, two hundred.  Eventually one eye stuff up close was taken out due to too much stress on the eyes.  It was easier to work with greater blurs when typing out stuff than when reading others' emails, the benefit of knowing what one is typing a split second in advance and knowing what a heteroge…

February 2015: R-2.25, L-2.25

The eyes got used to the +1.0 plus lens reading glasses for laptop stuff.  Then the eyes got used to using the +1.0 glasses with outstretched arms.  So making the font smaller was tried to make the use of those reading glasses more challenging, but that didn't do much.  To make typing out numbers more engaging, typing faster was tried.  Then typing out numbers faster with moving the head around was tried.  It was becoming harder to a quarter diopter before upgrading to a stronger plus lens.  Something else was needed but what was it?

A person in the low -2s offered congratulations on vision being as good as theirs, but the truth is their vision was in a far better situation.  The low -2s were the worst their vision ever was, so they could get down to -1.0 with much less work.  Eliminating the first diopter of nearsightedness is always the easiest since that's where vision can improve from eyes becoming less stretched.  After that is the grind phase where eye shape likely has t…

March 2015: R-2.5, L-2.5

While waiting for next big idea, there was nothing to do except continue the same old stuff.  That meant plus lens reading glasses, middle back seats of cars, bridge overpasses, walking in the center of long straight side streets, and cars passing on the left or right.

Changing positions to get more out of reading glasses was tried, like leaning on one side, then the other side, which changed the prickly buzz on the left eye.  There were more prickly buzz sensations on the left eye than the right eye, which made sense since the right eye was likely shorter from front to back with how its vision was better.

There was a small cloth lying around which was able to be folded up in different ways where the glasses rested on the nosebridge.  This lead to new stuff the eyes weren't used to, but like leaning on a side, it hardly did anything.  Using the folded cloth under the glasses to cover an eye for a few seconds was tried.  It seemed better than eyepatching an eye which pulled the ope…

April 2015: R-2.0, L-2.0

Having just recovered from the premature upgrade to the +1.5 plus lens reading glasses, it was time to retreat to the +1.0 glasses and once again go back to basics.

That meant going back to the grocery store and its long straight aisles.  The small detailed objects and price tag print made that place worthwhile, especially in the early afternoon filled with natural light before turned on artificial lights increased the glare.  It was easy to grab a cart and put some food at the end of the cart, usually a loaf of bread, with the food label print on it viewable.  All while pushing the cart around the supermarket pretending to be shopping.  The food item at the end of the cart was the near object to alternate with looking at objects and price tags in the distance.  A half-hour of this was nicely challenging for the eyes.

That also meant avoiding TVs and computer monitors after sunset and closing each day strong, often looking across the shopping store parking lot at night.  Spending the …